Mike Paradine, drummer from the traditional metal band, ArcticFlame, has released his first solo album.  A collection of personal songs, the subject matter consists of his on going feud with certain family members, growing up in the late 70’s, early 80’s in Bayonne, New Jersey, 9/11 and his battle with cancer as a 13 year old.  But not to get too introspective, he also injects his own brand of humor, writing about the kidnapping of a 40lb chicken and another about a formal ball where several infamous serial killers throughout history are the main guests.  Though half the album is heavy metal, the remaining half consists of rock to hard rock styles. The music is influenced by bands that they grew up listening to, such as KISS, Deep Purple, Motorhead, Alice Cooper and Guns n Roses. The album shines a spotlight on the thoughts, emotions and the humanity of one person, squashes it together into a tightly wound, barbed wire laced ball and sets it to music. All to the point of a really enjoyable album.

"Death in the Family" CD

  An honest and sometimes humorous look at the city, people and upbringing in the industrial city of Bayonne, NJ. If you grew up in any industial or urban city throughout the United States, then you can relate to the stories and lyrics contained in this album. Musically, the band dives back into the mid 70' and early 80's to set the atmosphere for these tales of observation. KISS, ACDC, Guns and Roses and other hard rock influences can easily be heard throughout the album. Along with fellow vocalist, Michael Clayton Moore, the different vocal styles show some of the contrasts between songs. Besides the 10 original songs featured here, MPG also covers Thin Lizzy on "Little Darling" along with the Ohio biker band, The Godz, with the blues remake of "Hey Mama". This album is more streamlined than the first album, being more focused on one style.

"Bayonne, NJ"
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