Balsitik Kick - Balistik Kick    ZombieWolf Records 1993

Balistik Kick - Warhead   ZombieWolf Records  1997

Balistik Kick - Destroy      Brennus Thunder Records (France)  2000

ArcticFlame - 5 song demo   Self Release 2003

ArcticFlame - Primeval Aggressor    Battle Cry Records (Germany)  2006

ArcticFlame - Declaration   Pure Steel Records  (Germany)  2008

Arctic Flame - Guardian at the Gate      Pure Steel Records (Germany)  2011

ArcticFlame - Shake the Earth    SkullCrown (USA) / Pure Steel Records (Germany)  2012

MPG (Mike Paradine Group) - Death in the Family   Self release  2012   

MPG (Mike Paradine Group) - Bayonne, NJ    Self Release 2014  (limited edition cover)

MPG (Mike Paradine Group)  - Bayonne, NJ    2014   (regular edition cover)

MPG (Mike Paradine Group) - Ballbusters   Self Release    Compilation of the harder music from first 2 albums.

MPG (Mike Paradine Group)   B-Sides       Self Release   Compilation of the slower, more commercial music from the first 2 albums

Various Artists - Tribute to the Godz Vol. 2     Gard Dog Productions 2016     ArcticFlame covers "Hey You"

Various Artists - Tribute album to The Godz Vol. 1      MPG covers "Hey Mama"    Gard Dog Productions 2014

Various Artists - Down at the Whiskey: Tribute to Motley Crue 1981-2003     Versailles Records 2013   ArcticFlame performs "Red Hot"

MPG - Celebration of the Godz   Gard Dog Productions 2014         MPG performs live doing all the Godz classics for a benefit for Eric Moore at O'Sheckys in Columbus Ohio  2014. Other artists KIFF, Crackerslang and Michael Hannon (American Dog, ex-Dangerous Toys) singing Alice Coopers "I'm Eighteen" with MPG

Various Artists - Guitar Wizards Vol 3 & 4   Versailles Records 2014    ArcticFlame performs "Falkenfels"

Various Artists  Rock n Roll All Nite: A Tribute to KISS  1974-2014   Versailles Records       MPG performs "Unholy"

George Tsalikis - The Sacrifice   Pure Steel Records 2016    Mike Paradine supplies the drum work for first solo album from Zandell vocalist, George Tsalikis.

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