At Stone Pony..Paul DiAnno show

Stone Pony...Paul DiAnno show

BB Kings, NYC...RIOT show

Andernach, Germany..Swordbrothers festival

Dittigheim, Germany...Keep It True festival 7

Dittigheim, Germany..Keep It True festival 7

Backstage With WOLF, KIT 7, Dittigheim, Germany

Dittigheim, Germany..KIT 7

Gramercy Theater NYC...Gamma Ray show

Gramercy Theater...Gamma Ray show

Crazy metalheads at Gamma Ray show

Backstage with Richard Holmgren, drummer of WOLF at the MMM3 festival in Tilburg, Holland. He is a guest vocalist on my "Death in the Family" album and did a great job on both songs, "Venom and Piss" and "Bow Down to the Queen".

Irving Plaza, NYC.....Hammerfall show

Irving Plaza, NYC...Hammerfall show

Irving Plaza, NYC....Hammerfall show

Irving Plaza, NYC...Hammerfall show

Album Covers

"Primevel Aggressor" Battle Cry Records, Artist - Jowita Kaminska

"Declaration", Pure Steel Records, Artist - Juanjo Castellano

"Guardian at the Gate". Pure Steel Records, Artist Ric Seven

"Death in Family" label TBA, Artist - Eric Gooch

"Death in Family" back cover, label TBA,

"Death Rides a Pale Trike" - Photographer - Marcus Randum

"King of Toys" Publisher - Publish America

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